Born and raised in Lakeland, FL, Philip Gartrell grew up with a loving and supporting family.  He was taught Christian values and a love for his community.  As a child Philip was fortunate to have had the opportunity to play golf.  The game of golf led Philip to a college education where he played on the men's golf team at the University of South Florida (USF).  While attending USF, Philip met Sheila Tomlinson.  Philip and Sheila married shortly after Philip graduated with a teaching degree specializing in Fine Arts.

Philip began his professional career as an Art Teach with aspirations of becoming a professional golfer.  While working as an art teacher at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy (LCMA)  Philip was exposed to computers for the first time due to his assigned peer teacher was the school's technology coordinator.  Philip continued to teach art, learn a lot about computers, and take advantage of the afternoons and summers off and work on his golf game.  It became quickly relevant that there was a lack of money, being married, playing golf, and being a school teacher provided minimum income.  

Throughout Philip's career changes took place subtlely.  The first of these changes took place when the LCMA principle asked me to take over the technology coordinator position when my peer teacher took a job at another school.  Though I still was technically a teacher I gained a lot of experience and training... but teaching was barely paying the bills and golf was only paying for itself.

Summers were great for Philip.  Played golf as long as he made enough money to support his golf habbit.  It was during this first summer after taking the technology position when Philip began using technology to increase his income.  Philip played golf with quite a few good players who had more money than he did and was willing to wager the without really concience decisions of what the future made money scarce. Golf is normally only played during the day, so what does a married couple do in the evenings with no money. Don't go there.  When you work for the school board you could check out a computer for the 

It was at that point of needing more steady income ing... you guessed it, money.  Teaching was barely paying the bills and golf was paying for itself.

 has been a significant part of Philip's life and ha  

Growing up Philip enjoyed art and golf.  At an early age of 6 Philip was given his first golf club  grew up watching his parents give to their community.  Philip's father, Homer, was a school teacher and lead the Jr. Citrus Golf Program for 14 years.  During those years Philip was fortunate enough to have spent a considerable amount